get your rucksack and come along with the buffalo queen caravan (and only get dressed from the waist up!)

hello all!
i want to tell you a little bit more about the buffalo queen caravan’s first session titled BONES and what will be offered throughout this five week intensive writing collective!

the idea for the buffalo queen caravan came to me because i am obsessed with moving. whenever i see an rv or a hitch, my heart goes nuts. i am a hillbilly at heart. if i could, i would be walking around without shoes right now with flowers in my hair, laying in a brush or something. i find that movement is what inspires me most, and not only movement, but movement with a purpose, like listening to music while driving with the windows down (my absolute favorite thing to do). i get all of my idears that way. so blah blah shut up gina ok here let me continue. so ever since 2006, i have been on a novel-streak (a little like streaking), and i’ve come across a lot of people who had great ideas for novels or longer works, but the ideas either never panned out, or they got halfway and stopped and picked up a new idea, and really what i’m here to do (what the buffalo queen caravan is all about) is helping those of you with this qualm to find what’s really going to stick and stick with it! hah…

so what follows is going to be a lot of work. maybe you’ll have to dvr your shows for a month (WHATEVER THAT MEANS!) ;), maybe you’ll have to give up surfing the web, or staring at cats, or washing the hot dog grease out of uncle george’s shirts, or whatever it is that you do that’s a total time-waster. i will take up all of your time! your new book is going to engulf you, so watch out!

like i’ve said before, we will meet once a week for an hour for five weeks, sometimes individually working one-on-one with your ideas and sometimes in a group, bouncing ideas off of each other, talking about what inspires us, etc. (this is not a workshop! there is no criticism). see, i think that criticism produces shit. i believe and trust that every writer has their own inner knowledge of the message they are trying to send to the world. their work is embedded in their own hearts, and it’s only for them to tell. i can’t tell you if you’re doing it the right way or not. all i can do is notice when you’re lighting up because you have discovered your truth! we are going to find your voice, your truth, your story, and whatever it is, no one will judge it. this is a positive community of writers and artists meant to inspire you not bash you down until you question yourself, wondering why you even try. haha. we’ve all been there.

so BONES, more specifically, is about getting the structure, the main ideas down. the basis. what holds your story together. how to make it move with joints. how to make it go.

so these hour long lessons will be conducted via skype. (that means you only have to get dressed from the waist up!!!) woo hoo! (or you could just keep the camera on your face!) i have experience teaching writing, literature, and teaching through skype so i can’t wait to see how putting this together will all pan out!

so grab your rucksack, leave your pants! i will catch ya on the caravan!


buffalo queen caravan session one: bones

buffalo queen caravan session one: bones

starting in january 2014, little dipper ink brings you the buffalo queen caravan, a writing collective!

session one: bones

for writers struggling with beginning their story or organizing their ideas, the very first session will offer you assistance getting started!

these three week sessions are designed inspire, enhance creativity and productivity, and provide a community of positive and supportive feedback. more updates coming very very soon!